President Xi Visits U.S.

CCTV.cn    2015-09-24 14:26:00    

  CNBC said the main focus of President Xi Jinping's US state visit will be on the economy. It believes China wants to play a more fair role in the global financial world compared to the US.

  During his speech in Seattle, Xi said that China is trying to build a more open, transparent and stable capital market. He also reassured investors that China's economy is stable and the market will be more open.

  Russia's RIA Novosti said the economy is one of the hottest issues. China and the US have the biggest GDP in the world. Bilateral investment binds the two countries closely together. In 2014, bilateral trade volume was more than US$500 billion.

  Reuters focused on Xi's comment about the renminbi foreign exchange rate. It said the China's commitment reflects its responsibility as a big economic power. That is also expected to help the yuan's internationalization.


Editor:Yu Liang

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